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the spam zombie, hunger strikes, and lack of sleep.

28 January, 2004 (11:28) | Personal Update

the past 24 have sucked. so i woke up at 8 Tuesday to go to a cornerstone meeting we had, all went well there, but we had problems wrapping it all up, and getting to my class @ 11 late. When i got to the class, which was a 10 minute walk, it said that class was in another building, about 10 minutes walking again. and about 2 minutes from the church where i was. And keep in mind it is cold, wet, raining, and 4 inches of snow on the ground, and slush everywhere.

after i get home, Chris emails me and says they’re having problems with their email server, so i go in there about 4, and end up working with problems related to the email server until 1 am. Poor Chris. He stayed the whole time, good thing he is a patient man…or atleast talks about you behind your back like a real friend. 🙂 So rather than having Chris brave the elements and take me back to my apartment, i just went back home with him. we got home at 2. My mom heard us come in, and she asked us what we had for dinner. We didn’t eat, but i did have a foot long subway for lunch around 12:30. So i looked for something to snack on anyway, but didn’t find anything. So i figure i will check my email and such before i go to bed, so i get on the laptop, start doing my thing, and it freezes. grrr. so i restart it, and go to the bathroom in the mean time. Just my luck, the toilet is clogged…with “remains.” So i plunge the crap (literally) out of it for about 20-30 minutes. It was bad. And instead of taking my chances on the laptop,i go downstairs, start to dial in and it BSoD on me. WTF. so i restart it, dial in, start doing my thing, then THAT one freezes on me!!! WTF! So back up to the laptop i go. I dont remember if it froze on me twice or not, but i just know i did what i needed to, and it froze on me, so i just shut it off. in bed at 3:30 AM.

So Chris wakes me up at 6:30 to go to work with him. Grab some crackers. roads are trecherous. we get to the T alright though. So i get on the T, and ofcourse everyone makes a mad dash for the single seats so they dont have to share. and with it being rush hour, i grab a window seat and a lady sits next to me as soon as i sit down. so i am deciding whether or not to sleep, and my cell phone rings. it’s the answering service. It is 7:56. I am supposed to be on call to “roughly between 6:30 PM and 7:30AM” i missed the call though, called the office like i normally do to get the service, and Marc answers. I asked him if he could handle it, and before we get to finish working it out, my cell phone battery dies. grrrr.

so i get to my stop on the T. the lady is still sitting next to me. i had manage to doze a bit in the 30 minute ride, and i figured i wont bother the lady next to me to let me out,so i would let her get off when at her stop, and i would just get off in 5 minutes when the T loops back. So she gets off at the last stop, we loop around, and at the stop right before mine, the door on the T breaks. The operator can’t close it. creates a 10 minute ordeal. so finally get off the T, back in the cold, sidewalks haven’t seen a grain of salt, or a tip of a shovel. so sludging around in 6 inches of snow, i look down the road, and see my bus going up Centre Avenue. Looks like Josh is Hiking Mt. Centre Avenue.

Well, i am back now, still havent eaten anything, still havent showered, still in the same clothes, and getting out of here. gotta go to cornerstone again tonight too. hopefully that will cheer me up, as it always does.


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