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here i go again

11 February, 2004 (23:36) | Personal Update

hmmm, i had all this stuff i wanted to write about in my blog, but now i cant think of a single thing. Finger Eleven rocks my face off though. perhaps that can explain my loss for words. here is my face, and here is finger eleven, and then there is my face on the floor because they rocked it off.

Adrienne is such a xenophobe, she can’t stand germs, or people touching her, and i can completely understand why she wanted to get to the back of the concert last night. Stupid huge, old, and massive guys started a mosh pit. totally ticked me off. i wasnt in the mood to mosh. this is finger eleven. All i can think about is how i want to have man sex with all of them on their tour bus. I touched their bus. i feel so wrong about being the way i am about that band, honestly, i am not a freak, finger eleven is just everything i like out of music. my favorite band ever.

but enough about me. lets talk about you. how are you doing? what have you been up to?

ok, so i severly screwed up Quantum star. It was never working to begin with though, so i guess i didnt really do anything terrible. I will have to reinstall it and i will post once i get it up and running. and i will let all you guys who signed up already know personally when it is back up. Legend of the dragon still works, and rocks.

Cornerstone is so awesome. It totally rocks my face off too. If any of you are ever not doing anything on wednesday nights, come hang out there. it is so awesome.

i am working on so many other things right now, i am working on a website for the local band Soulpatch with a friend from cornerstone, working on the cornerstone page, working on my page, school, work, work, friends, family, i am just always so busy. so i will leave you with that, God speed.


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