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22 February, 2004 (10:34) | Personal Update

Kathy got me all exited about waking life again. So will share with you a few things from the official site. There is a dream oracle (quiz) you can take there to analyze your dreams. Here, you can learn on how to be awake in your dreams. Personally, i found out how to do this on my own a few years back, but i can guarantee its effects if you try it. And if you don’t love every sleeping moment of it (get it? sleeping? not waking? nevermind.) then you get your money back. Check out Alex Jones site, and read about how the World Trade Towers were intentionally “pulled.” Waking life is by far the best movie i have ever seen, and probably ever will see, and that is because it isnt just a movie, it is information, it is thoughts and ideas, it is reflection, and it is everything you haven’t seen before.

As for me, I went home friday to watch dante while Chris and my mom went down to DC with Tirza. Apparently, tirza has been staying over the house a lot, and basically has become part ofthe family. Very interesting. Chris calls it “How mommy got her groove back” 😀

so 40 days of purpose starts today, i’ll keep you updated on how that goes. J’aime did it in the fall, and she enjoyed it. I am going to be interacting with a group of guys every tuesday night about it too. So this semester has brought monday jam nights, tuesday group meetings, wednesday cornerstone, and saturday basketball. and there are many other opportunities that go on that i can’t take advantage of.

other than that, just trying to keep both feet on the ground in this upside down world i live in.


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