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28 February, 2004 (20:39) | Site Update

lots of stuff added today.

That menu at the top, let me know if you hate that or not. i am undecided so far.

you can now set the weather block to where you are and it will stay that way. this is so much better than the old weather system. so customize it!

a whole bunch of back end stuff got initialized today, IP banning, nuke 7.1, and some other misc stuff.

new menu block and user info block.

I activated the Journal module for anyone who feels like keeping an online journal here. you can chose to just have it private, for your own reading, or public for everyone else to use it. If you want me to add a subdomain for it, like “” or perhaps i will even buy a new domain, like if anyone wants to use that. just thought i would put that up there.

SIl is going to kill me because i exceeded my bandwidth this month, and that is why i added a “buy posters” link, to try and generate some revenue. I am also taking steps to limit the bandwidth usage, like you have to be registered to download anything. i am getting alot of hits for the videos, so that will help out there.

still working on a few more things tonight, but let me know what you think of it all so far, let me know if you have any problems with it! and let me know anything else you want to!


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