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meek sheep-weak sleep

9 April, 2004 (01:53) | Personal Update

ok, so you all have read about my sleeping 12 hours a night and all that.  well, i decided to give up trying to control my sleeping pattern, and let my own body decide when it was ready.  And, i am really happy with it.  I have been going to bed at 5 am, 10 am, sometimes 2 pm.  and getting about 5 hours of sleep.  and honestly, i feel great.  i am getting stuff done, and i am still happy.  so far, i have had no side effects besides a few missed phone calls from people not work related.

Well me playing for cornerstone was basically a disaster. i was out of tune, didnt know the songs well enough, we only practiced a total of 2 hours, and there were 5 songs.  but they turned down my guitar volume down so far, that i dont think anyone heard me play anyway.  oh well.  Cornerstone is almost over for the semester anyway, so i probably wont do it again any time soon.

Bob asked me this week if i wanted to go to Baltimore.  I figured he had just read on my page about wanting to go, and that he just offered to go.  But apparently, one of his *cough* friends *cough* is going down with deirdre for the same thing!!! GRR friggin bob didnt explain himself fully.  so we could have had a blast.  oh well.  Looks like we are still on for Andy’s though.

So now i hate birds.  i used to love them, and i could watch them all day.  but now some species of bird has made a nest right outside my window in a bush.  and it is 3 am right now, and it is chirping like mad.  and it does ALL DAY LONG.  i wouldnt have a problem with it if it were a “reasonable” hour, but i think this bird has the same issues that i have with sleep!!!  he just doesnt seem to grasp the concept of time that other birds follow.  And on that note, i share with you, the Sub-Servient Chicken


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