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26 April, 2004 (19:38) | Personal Update

alright, i was going to just avoid writing about the whole thing, but i may as well not hide it.  I was also going to try and twist it like i was away for the whole weekend, but the fact remains that i wasn’t.  bob and i left my apartment at 2 am friday.  i was back in my bed by 7pm friday.  so i basically drove 12 hours for breakfast with drew.  did i have a good time?  yes.  would i do it again?  probably not.

so i am working sundays noon-midnight and mondays 4-12 this summer at helpdesk.  just for anyone who cares.  still the same after hours support for touchtown too.  may or may not try to pick up a few hours at touchtown during the day.  we’ll see.

congrats to Kip (DPA), he is going to E3 in LA.  how awesome is that?   I have always wanted to go to E3 (it is a giant gaming convention, Electrontric Entertainment Expo) and interview companies.  so awesome.  I am completely jealous.  One day i will have something great happen to me like that….

Congrats also to J’aime and Dan for moving into their new house.  I have yet to see it, and they ended up not needing my help today to move, but i am looking forward to seeing it.  I foresee them not staying over my mom’s house over holidays though, since they are closer now.  Perhaps they will be making more smaller visits though.  wink wink, nudge nudge.

So this summer….what to say what to say.  we got work taken care of.  provided helpdesk doesnt fire all student workers.   and concerts galore.  Kim and Kathy are coming up, Kim got an internship at UPMC, and Kathy is taking classes at Pitt, so i should be able to hang out with them a lot.  And hopefully the CStone crew will still be a developing circle of friends.  So I should be good for the summer, just got to worry about fall…how i am going to pay for school, how i am going to pay for where i am going to live, where i am going to live, who i am going to live with… A lot of unknowns for the fall.  Wish me luck.

No words of wisdom today, Kip and Paul got that covered with the below quotes.  I will just leave you with how i plan on getting a tan this summer…


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  • leuco

    Cute “suntan animation.”  🙂  We’ll all be praying about this fall for you AND KEREN.  (ask her about it)

  • leuco

    Cute “suntan animation.”  🙂  We’ll all be praying about this fall for you AND KEREN.  (ask her about it)