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15 May, 2004 (13:17) | Thoughts & Ideas

ok, this is something i have been tossing back and forth, and trying to find holes in the idea.  I think the government should have to function as a business.  They should have to work for a profit, and if they fail to succeed, new management needs to step in.  Taxes are already a form of profit for the government, so why should the get the benefits of a business without the work?

Wars and other “ventures” should have to be funded.  Ask for donations, fund raising events involving celebrity supporters, etc.  If the people are not interested in the product, and they don’t want to buy invest in it, then it shouldn’t happen.

I think a lot of the coruption in government arises from taxes, and officials taking funding for granted.  The best way to save money, is stop spending it.

now, no taxes at all would make it far too easy for government to fall, so there should be a small obligatory percentage of your income that goes to funding the maintenance of the government.   (continued)

and while we are on taxes, with addition to my rants about the lack of technological improvements effecting the way taxes are done, i think there should be options in taxes.  I would much rather losing money out of every paycheck and be done with it.  I think an option to pay a monthly fee would help the budgeters of america.  there need to be options with taxes, that would also get rid of the intense load of work the IRS has to deal with every april, just spread it out over time.   I would be fine paying a “government bill” every month, just like the gas and electric.  Heck, that might even be financially beneficial.

but anyways, if the government goes bankrupt, the CEO, or president would be replaced.  And people need to stop being fooled about the superlative president.  the president is a puppet.  There are so many checks and balances that we could easily be without a president for a matter of months.  The president being in place does not effect our day to day operations.  law officials and the FBI (ie enforcement that prevents anarchy) would still be as functional as they always are (har har). 

The (what ever happenned to steve forbes?) flat tax would have to be small enough, that it would not create such a surplus that the government would not need to look for revenue elsewhere.  perhaps the tax could even be dynamic.   maybe we would all pay 5% for a year, and then we end up being in the black, and we only have to pay 2% next time.  Who knows, maybe even we could go without taxes for a month!  (if you were on the monthly tax plan of course 😉


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