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a charity event

20 May, 2004 (21:50) | Thoughts & Ideas

i had this idea specifically with maria carey, thinking about her pointless existence, and how she could contribute to society, and this is what i came up with, that can be applied to anyone.

set up a small stage and a table in a big city.  Have someone at the table take donations 24/7 and once they reach the goal of money, like $5,000, a celebrity would come down and do something on the stage.  Like even if mariah carey would sing 2 songs, i think people would do it.  this could be a big tourist attraction.  and you could do a surprise celebrity thing, where you just have to reach the goal, and maybe even celebs will volunteer to come down, and maybe jerry seinfeld would do some stand up, or a band would play, or someone would come sign stuff.  what is 20 minutes out of their days you know? 


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