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30 May, 2004 (13:10) | Personal Update

Xfest was a blast and a half.  I think i got some sun, but not nearly as much as adrienne.  She looked like she was in pain at the end of the night.  She rocked out all day, and even faced the front line for Finger Eleven.  Nothing more attractive than a girl that can hold her own.  The weather was brutal though.  It reached 40 some degrees with the windchill, and i was just in shorts and a tshirt.  And i had finger eleven’s set list taped to the inside of my shirt, and everytime the paper touched my nipples, i yelped liked a dog.  that paper was cold.

and we transition right from the great day out with adrienne to sunday.  Saturday was like it never happenned, because i basically slept all day. 

I did get positive feedback from the Academic Consulting position at pitt, but it is just a student job.  I need to talk pay before i say yes to it.

so working noon to midnight today and tomorrow, and then i am done at helpdesk.  tuesday i have a research study where i get an MRI done.  sweet.  $50 for tuesday, 2 hours, and then 6 months later another $50 for a follow up.  I like participating in these studies.  Atleast someone is getting use out of my body.

don’t look at this guy too long. [shudder]


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