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7 July, 2004 (00:35) | Personal Update

pretty busy week last week.  had a good time down in D.C. over the weekend.  threw some pics up in the gallery.  still want to go down later on and tour the white house, see the changing of the guard, and some other random stuff.  but all in all a good time.  we left sunday morning at 7 am, when we got back there was nothing to do, and everyone went out, so i was going to go see fahrenheit 911, but i ended up locking my keys in the car at the theatre.  it turned out into this big mess all around.  completely frustrating, and sunday was one of my worst days in a very long time.

i got a job installing software for a highschool next tuesday.  it is just a 4-6 hour gig, but it pays well.  my head hunter said he could throw a few of those my way to keep me busy.  hopefully i’ll get enough of those to pay rent until i get something more permanent and secure.

i get the car inspected tomorrow at 1.  hopefully it will pass without repairs needed.  if it does need things fixed, i may just forget about it until i can afford it.

i found out today that they released the director’s cut of donnie darko in theatres in june.  i never heard any word about that.  funny how things that coincide.  like i just watched it a few weeks ago and started to get back into it.  and the same thing with hitchhiker’s guide.  either way, i hope they show it somewhere around here.  if you havent checked out the site, and you have some time to waste, check it out.


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