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all work and no play makes Josh a dull boy

21 September, 2004 (06:45) | Personal Update

been a while since i posted a personal update.  jobs still going.  some days are easy, some days its rough getting out of bed at 3 am.  If i can’t get used to getting up in the middle of night, perhaps i can get used to having some good days and some bad days.

hmm, since last i posted, i went to cleveland, had a sweet time.  rock and roll hall of fame, hard rock, great hotel, nice city, crappy crappy zoo.  the metro parks zoo is so terribly laid out.  and there are like 2 animals there.  and there is a bridge that is losing concrete and you can see the steel reebar.  it’s ghetto.

still no guitar.  leaning towards not getting that HPL (cheap-nonwood) guitar.  I do want to get a martin though.  so either i have to comprimise what i want out of a guitar, the brand name, or my wallet.  all three are very unlikely to bend easily.

going down to DC this weekend for Brady’s wedding.  should be an interesting time.  I’ll be sure to get release forms from everyone so that i can post pictures online. 🙂  it’s either live forever through photographs, or get made into a gem when ever you die.


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