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who needs sand paper when you have days like mine. (rough. get it?)

1 September, 2004 (05:49) | Personal Update

feeling the effects of all the crap i do this week.  touchtown calls, crazy hours at mellon, cornerstone, dragon game, car crap, family crap, miscellaneous crap, personal crap, apartment crap, social crap.  and it’s only wednesday.  Something is going to give very soon.  It just might be my sanity.

went down to pittsburgh guitars to pick up a pick up (how many times do you get to say that in a life time?) for my acoustic, and i checked out a martin guitar i was interested in.  there were 2 martins that i liked, the second one being a little more expensive than the one i just looked at.  I’d like to see that one before i make the purchase, but i plan on buying a martin in the near future.  martin is going to have to custom make one for me in a left handed version.  it is going to take atleast 3 months i am told.  its worth it for the bragging rights of having a custom made guitar though 🙂

i am going to cleveland this weekend.  gunna check out the rock and roll hall of fame, maybe the zoo, whatever the heck i want to do.  i didnt go anywhere this summer, and i friggin need a break.  since europe doesnt celebrate labor day, i have to work monday.  no big deal though. 

alright, i am off like a light switch.  wish i had something cool to post.  i guess a link to the new imac will have to do.  the imac g5 is still my mistress.  and a fowl temptress she is indeed. 


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