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Josh’s Jigsaw and speed kills

26 November, 2004 (11:05) | Thoughts & Ideas

When you buy lumber at lowe’s, sometimes they will cut the wood for you.  only sometimes, and there are all kinds of restrictions for it, and you have to find someone to do it.  It would be cool to have just a tiny shop joint with lowe’s, 84 lumber, home depot, etc, where you can just pull you lumber in a cart to them, and they will do any cutting you need.  this is definitely useful for people without the tools, people who want the job done quicker, can’t fit the wood in the truck uncut, and just the sheer convenience of it.  I call it Josh’s Jigsaw.

Another thing that i have been saying for a while, cars shouldn’t be allowed to go over 75.  If peer to peer networks are being closed down because they have the potentional to be used illegally, then cars dealers should be closed too.  Why do we have cars that can go over 100??  So that darwinism can ensue.


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