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31 January, 2005 (07:02) | Personal Update

well, back at work after a short weekend. This is the first weekend in a while that i haven’t had to do anything. No weekend shift and I didnt go home to see my sisters or do anything at the estate. It was nice. I deep cleaned the apartment on saturday and went over to a friend from work’s house for a Texas hold em tournament. First time gambler. I was only out $5, bough in the first time, lasted 5 rounds and didnt buy back in. Becky was out $10, and Kevin ended up taken the 1st place and getting 60 some bucks. Texas hold em is a bnuch of fun, i am thinking about getting some chips just to play. So that was saturday, and sunday i went out to the mall sunday. I stopped in the pet store to check out the fish, and they had a weimaraner pup there. My family has been talking about getting one after the poosh moves on. He was a cute thing, and then i noticed his birthday, same as mine. I would love to have a huge place and enough money for a dog like that. What i did end up buying was a 4 piece sectional at Kaufmann’s furniture on clearance for $750 though. i have to go get it today, i am excited. I also got a Beckett price guide to see what my dad’s baseball cards are worth. he’s got a few $500 cards, some $300 cards, and lots of $100-$150 cards. Quite a few Mickey Mantles, Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Bill Mazeroski, etc. Good to look at. his 1 binder is worth well over 3x my 5 binders. Watched the movie Before Sunset yesterday. Can you say Waking Life 2? I thought it was screaming chick flick at first, but then i saw ethan hawke and the same girl he was with in waking life were in it. Then i heard the dialogue, and i was like, whoa, this has Richard Linklater written all over it. Sure enough, popped over to and it was him. You can’t watch a movie like that and turn off your mind afterwards. I had a smile on my face in wonderment for the next hour. Great movie.

So as far as things go with the estate, it’s a mess. I took some pictures of it as well as some of the cannon. I should warn you that the house is in TERRIBLE condition, the house used to be so cool when it was built in 1885, there is a pic from then in the link. and the cannon is from world war II. There are a bunch of cool pics of it and the park at my grandma’s. I want to scan them all.

So i got work that is going pretty well, school with 1 class meeting 3 more times between now and april, estate stuff that i’m letting J’aime stress herself out over but shouldn’t, gotta find another roommate since emily is trying to go to paris, and on top of all that, i bought a coat hangar thing at target that fits over a door, and the door doesn’t shut with it on it! WHAT THE FRIGGIN CRAP! i tried it on different doors, and it’s too thick to allow the door to shut. What is that about??? Am i wrong in assuming that doors should still be able to close? I swear, sometimes, it’s just me. Nothing just works. There is always an ordeal.

one thing i didn’t do was record this weekend. So that brings me to 1 absolutely finished song, 1 pretty finished song, and 3 songs recorded without lyrics written. My new years resolution was a song a week, or atleast 2 songs a month, with a CD out by end of summer. Lyrics are what are holding me up now. I’ve been in the mood to write a novel or two recently too, but i gotta go with the songs first i think. If i don’t do it, no one else will. 😉


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