14 May, 2005 (10:25) | Dreams

last night i had a dream about these things, that i am going to call airvatars. they were basically this 2-3 feet tall machine-puppet things, that people could buy heads, skins, mods and such for, and they would be sent to this place where everyone would interact with other ones. I call them airvatars (like avatars) because they were like hover crafts, no legs, just these round bottoms that made them float. The owners got these joysticks, that you could hold in one hand, that looked like a ‘T’ with switches all over it to control the pitch, height, spin, axis rotation, all that jazz. at one point, i got to play with an advanced transformer looking one, and i was making it look like it was walking upside down and all kinds of stuff to defy gravity. defintely tons of fun.


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  • Runering

    so it’ll be like a robot on an air cushion… i think i already saw something similar to that idea, them crazy japanese i think, but not sure