Personal Update

Augustus’ reign ends

25 August, 2005 (06:13) | Personal Update

Nearing the end of august, and i’ve got a lot on my plate. Big surprise there. Majorly back-logged with code work needed in the dragon game. It certainly isn’t a burden though. I find the game extremely rewarding. Having som many interesting people, from all over the world playing, seeing how they all interact, being able to interact with them, as if in my own backyard, it’s just cool. I like being able to give people something they can enjoy. I’ve been playing around with advertising for the game a bit too. ran a week add on and now I have been running google adwords for the past week. It’s pretty neat being able to see the statistics of clicks and impressions that are being returned to my site.

apart from the game, I have tons of stuff to sell on ebay and the like. I have to list my dad’s winnebago, his 12 passenger van, and i think we are going to try and sell the big tractor too. My mom has been trying to clean out her basement, and i have a whole bunch of her technical books to throw on, since she is a teacher, these companies send her books to try to get her to use them for her classes, and she gets to keep them even if she doesn’t use them. some of these books have gone for $80 on half. I also have a few monitors and mac crap there that i should throw up on ebay for pick up only.

school also starts this sunday. I have 1 statistics class online until end of october, 1 communication class on tuesday nights starting end of october, and 1 computer class on monday nights running the whole semester. So once that all starts back up, I know i am going to be shoulder high in crap.

Keren and Deirdre came over the other day, apparently Chris is buying them a cheap car since Keren has decided to stay at home and go to Penn State Fayette instead of going down to Maryland for school. When i got back from work, we went and played some tennis. when we got back, they hadn’t seen the house that i’ve been looking at for the past…what…six months now? so we took a walk over there, and there was a piece of paper posted on the garage door. It was from the bank, and had all this legal mumbo jumbo crap like herein in, without, sherrif, notice, hereby, this day, blah blah blah, but it started with “on this 25th day of july” so it’s been there for almost a month, and my impression is that it is some kind of final notice to give them some money. I figure there is probably some set date from the posting of that notice where they start listing the house. I think it could quite easily be 1 month, which just so happens to be today. So i am keeping my eye on the website they are supposed to list the foreclosure on. My lease is up at the end of this month, and i havent done anything about it yet. They are increasing monthly rent too. Last year they did it too though, and I kept paying the lower rate, without signing a lease until sometime november. So i think i have a little bit of some play. It’s $100 extra to do a month to month lease, so i want to stay away from that.

on top of that, Fable, the video game, is coming out for PC september 20th. I’ve played it at Dan’s for xbox, and totally fell in love with it. I fear that it will consume any minute that i can give it, but I also think it will bring me great joy. I don’t consider myself a gamer in the least bit, but when i find a game that i like, i am die-hard about it. So i am looking forward to it, but also not looking forward to the possible damages it could do to my productive life.

as i write this, I am realizing that I really need to do another main site update too. maybe get some more themes in place, make it all a little smoother. that is going to take a lot of time too. Time that i just don’t have. What ever happenned to that 28 hour day movement?