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Soul Coughing.

27 November, 2006 (02:25) | Personal Update

so thanksgiving come and gone, since i had to work (not a UK holiday) i drove home for dinner quickly and had to head off to work shortly after. They were slow nights, so i didnt mind. Friday, another first for 2006, I got sick as a result of drinking WAY too much. After all the times i’ve drank this year, i still find myself very incontrol and cognitive. Got to the bar ~10, and bob russell was there. all told through the night…at least 3 shots of tequilla, a shot of wild turkey, some other concoction the waitress made for me, some other shots that i didnt know what they were, CHUGGED (<5 seconds) at least 3 yuenglings, had at least 2 other yuenglings. I had originally went with Deirdre, but they wouldn't let her in (i was saddened) so she took my truck home and i asked the jenkos for a ride home right of the bat. I asked them to pull over half way home. All in al though, i didn't feel sick at all, i'd compare the expelling of liquids to coughing. Soul coughing even... heh, kudos Mr. Doughty.

This weekend was a crazy weekend of reunitings, Kathy (after she totally ditched me when i went down to DC), Bob, Zach, mike quinn, and a bunch of others because it was basically a high school reunion on friday. It really put me in reflective mood.

nothing too crazy going on this week, just trying to get some recording done for the myspace page. Just trying to get through the last few weeks of the year…I’ll miss you 2006, there were good times and bad times, but most importantly, there were times.


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