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21 December, 2006 (06:59) | Ramblings

wow, what an effing blow to the ribs on the casino license announcement. Personally it stings because i don’t have the guaranteed boom in property value that i did with Isle of Capris (IoC). And the city/fans aren’t guarranteed an NHL team like they were with IoC. If the Pens leave, that’s going to hurt the city big time. Problem with the gaming board is they don’t know the city. The mayor, the casino task force, locals, pens fans, Mario, radio personalities, newspapers, anyone who meant anything were saying IoC. wtf. PITG doesnt even have a temp casino plan, so we won’t see any profits until march 2008. IoC and Forest City had already spent money to acquire the space for their casinos and temp casinos to maximize profits. PITG is also a much smaller operation than IoC. bleh. I’m done. Nothing we can do now. effing polidicks.

on a new topic, 2008 is going to be quite the year for the city. here’s all the things coming in 2008 that i can think of right now off the top of my head:

  • obviously you got the opening of the first gambling establishment on the north shore
  • The Maglev Project has hearing in spring 2007, may have ground breaking in 2008 or so.
  • Hot Metal Street bike trail connecting the south side bike trail with the allegheny trail to be completed in 2008.
  • North Shore Connector to connect the T under the allegheny river to PNC park. (would be nice to coincide with casino.)
  • ongoing downtown housing projects will have nearly 1000 apartments by 2008.
  • the mellon merger will be underway, could mean more jobs
  • could be the first season without an NHL team
  • It’s Pittsburgh’s 250th anniversary
  • Point State Park renovations will be done in 2008
  • Bassmasters to return in 2008.

and these are all things that are planned already, who knows what 2007 planning will bring. Also consider all the other events like marathons, arts, musicals, other performances, movie filmings, etc that occur regularly anyway. Despite the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER with the casino, da burgh still has a bright future in my opinion.

and for me, i should be down with my degree, and ready to get promoted, post-out, or fired with the merger, so new job either way. And if the property values are up enough by then, maybe a move…


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