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The wise man built his house upon the sand.

4 January, 2007 (06:42) | Life Long Goals

So i designed a house when i was a lot younger, and It has always been a dream of mine to build it. Everytime i see something cool, i make a mental note to put it in my house. Maybe one day i’ll scan the sketches of it. I will build this house someday.


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  • Runering

    have you studied architecture? or are you just going for how you want it to look like, and you’ll end up getting a professional to draw it up for you?

    btw, it’s about time you got this place linked back up to the game

  • sixf00t4

    I was thinking about going to school for architecture. My dad was a civil engineer, so it was kinda in my blood. Bt I have rough sketches in a notebook of what I want it to look like, and I have a good idea of the floor plan, materials, and landscape.

  • Runering

    was just wondering, cause my flat mate is a structural engineering with architecture student, so this stuff kinda rubs off on me

  • Zotz

    When it comes to architecture Zotz’s into preservation not “progres” and clearly I saw that word with a measure of disdain. My dream is to buy some big, old, rambling house, dating back at least a hundred years and restore it from the ground up.

    My community believes in bulldozing the old and building the new. I’ve seen wonderful old structures, clearly worthy of restoration and able to be restored, bulldozed to build something shiny and lifeless.

    I’d love to see those plans though!

  • Runering

    don’t yous have a listing system over there? over here old buildings (either of historical value or have architectural importance) are listed and cannot be demolished. this is good as we get to keep some really nice old buildings, however some fugly ones do get to stay too, like a 1950’s concrete tower block on the uni campus…

  • Zotz

    Most states have a historical registry and the US has a national historical registry. However there are many hurdles on both levels and often times building meet an untimely demise before they receive any level of state or federal protection.