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reality sets in

30 May, 2007 (03:26) | Personal Update

Got back from Italy late saturday night, and it’s been a lot of reality hitting me in the face ever since.  before I list everything, Italy was great.  The vatican is the most amazing place i’ve ever been.  Pictures will be uploaded soon.  so here’s what’s hit me since i’ve been home:

  1. 2 summer classes started last week, so i have to catch up and do the current work
  2. allergies are killing me one tissue at a time
  3. estate grass needs cut, house needs repaired, and it’s sucking out money from us
  4. room is a wreck
  5. going to miss another month for recording
  6. bathtub leaked into the livingroom ceiling, so i have to repair both.  joys of being a home owner
  7. not going to have any renters come june 17th, gotta find someone, or two, fast.
  8. got a new job working downtown, daylight, so lots of prep work before i can move over.
  9. have to spend money to get airconditioning back in the truck
  10. never got my estimate on my truck from being hit
  11. lots of other little things



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