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7 May, 2007 (17:07) | Personal Update

Truck got hit.  I was in the right lane, doing about 35mph, someone in the left lane wanted to exit, but the problem was, they had to get through me to get to that exit.  The scraped and dented my whole left side.  And then took off.  MOTHER EFFER.  This was about 2:30 am saturday night, so i’m pretty sure they were drunk and didnt stop to avoid the cops.  I have a $1,000 deductable, so i’m going to have to pay for it pretty much.  ballz.

Luke Ravenstaul was out celebrating cinco de mayo saturday.  His wife was not present.  He tried to pick up 2 girls minding their own business at a table with "you two look lonely."  Wow.  He totally should have been like,  "I’m the mayor of pittsburgh, I’d like to give welcome you to my city with a ride inside my limo."  I mean, that’s how i’d do it anyway.  He was certainly getting his drink on.  Almost felt bad for him.

europe in 10 days!


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