I hate vending machines

19 June, 2007 (13:02) | Ramblings

they’re horribly expensive, all they have is crap in them, and at least with the machines at work, it’s all old food.  I bought a nestle crunch bar yesterday because it had a "win a million dollars" game going on, and i felt lucky.  Seriously, i usually go for the nutrigrain bar, but i honestly felt lucky.  so i eat it, and you have to log in to a website to enter the game code to find out if you’ve won.  Ofcourse the website was blocked at work.  so i get home, and go to www.nestletreasurequest.com  At first glance, i think this doesnt look right.  Jewish singles???  what the heck.  but then i see ‘enter game code.’  surely that must be it.  then i get a bunch of links to ebay and crap.  I check the url again.  Then, i look further down on the wrapping.  "Game ends 12/21/06."  WTF  this candy bar is ancient!  I can’t even play the friggin game on it.