the cleaning ladies must be laughing somewhere

28 November, 2007 (11:19) | Ramblings

If i come in to work one more time and my chair is wedged under my desk, I’m going to flip out.  I put my arm rests right where they need to be for me, and when I sit in the chair, they’re low enough to reach below the desk fine.  When I leave, I just slowly push the chair against the desk and walk away.  When I come back the next day, I have to get 2 hands on the back of the chair and YANK IT out from the desk.  EFFING CLEANING PEOPLE!  They have to be jamming the vacuum against it and shove it so far into my desk that it’s almost impossible to get out.  It’s driving me mad.  I think I’m going to put a note on my chair to stop it.  Or a pressure bomb that will explode the arm rests if pressed too hard.  Corporate security risk?  Me?  Nah.