Life Long Goals

I claim this land in the name of ME!

15 January, 2008 (10:39) | Life Long Goals

I want to own an island.  Pure and simple.  I want to own my own land to do whatever I want with it.  I remember watching TV one day, I think it was RealTV, and some guy in Australia had tied 2 liter bottles and milk jugs and such together for a series of time and he put plywood on top, then stole sand and dirt from the beach, and he built his own island/raft thing.  He had it tied to a dock at a marina, and it was like 30 square feet.  He had a little garden, a little hut with a hammock, and even a cat on the island with him.  He just kept adding on and expanding, and eventually the government made it officially an island.  I LOVE that idea.  I want to be that guy.  Can you see me down on the Monongahela River on my land raft?  SWEET.