The Pittsburgh Penguins and their dick give-a-way

21 January, 2008 (22:40) | Pittsburgh

So I subscribed to the Pittsburgh Penguins student rush text messages and every day there is a home game, they’ll text message you with how many tickets are available and any special offers there are for the game.  Here’s an average message:

"PENS STUDENT RUSH: Pens vs Lightning 2nite @ 7:30.  A limited number of tix will go on sale at 6:30at Gate 8.  Txt Quit 2 quit"

Pretty short and simple and even has the authentic text message vocabulary to connect with the younger fans.  But then, there’s today’s games text message…

"PENS STUDENT RUSH:  Pens vs Caps tonight @ 7:30.  Over 250 tix available.  All fans receive a Dick"

A what?  There’s no way they typoed "stick" right?  No one on the team is named "Dick" and it wasn’t a bobble head night…At least in the traditional meaning of the term bobble head.  Someone totally just got fired…