friggin busses

24 January, 2008 (09:57) | Ramblings

So I have 3 options for busses that go downtown.  the 81a, 81b, and 81c.  The 81a and 81b follow centre avenue and run every 20 minutes.  That’s the problem.  These bus routes are just about identical, and they’re always right behind eachother.  I mean, RIGHT BEHIND eachother.  Sometimes one will pass the other because the first one is picking up all the people and it has none.  For days like today, where I just miss the bus, it’d be nice if they moved one of the bus routes 10 minutes back or forward, so that a bus would be coming every 10 minutes.  That’d be swell.  Friggin Port Authority!  Get your financials straight so you can start focusing on service!