Life Long Goals

A collection of collected collections

28 February, 2008 (09:24) | Life Long Goals

Along the same mindset of the record rama collection, I want to have an awesome collection of something.  I’ve always had a streak of pack rat in me and a little bit of OCD organizer too.  I use to maintain a database of all my 6,000 baseball cards when I was a kid and I loved that.  I did the same thing with my movies, creating an online sortable/searchable list of everything I had with ratings and covers and everything.  I love that.  I’d like to take pride is something like that, and be able to display them too.  I’ve already mentioned thecollection of dirt/sand/water from around the world, but I’ve also thought about what other collections I’d like to have.  One was coffee tables.  Not that i’m particularly fond of coffee tables, because I’m not, but I like the unusual ones, like fish tanks, ones that look like a knight holding a shield, a board on the back of an elephant, interactive ones, etc.  Jay leno has cars and I’d have coffee tables.


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