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Question on ethics: I’ve got a new way to walk. WALK WALK

20 March, 2008 (14:07) | Thoughts & Ideas

So, I’m pulling out of Giant Eagle Market District in Shady Side, making a left onto Centre Avenue.  A black prius is turning into the lot, and stops to let me get out onto the road first.  A guy is loading groceries into his car across the street and there is an asian woman standing next to him.  A mini van down far to the right, so my path is clear.  I accelerate, probably to 5 mph tops, and WHOA that asian chick is right in front of me.  she puts her hand on the front of my truck and moves to her left to the side of my truck.  She’s out of it.  I didn’t see her at all.  I roll down my window and ask her if she’s alright, and she just has a weird look on her face.  The dude loading his groceries starts to panic like a drama queen.  He’s saying things like, "Jesus Christ!, OH MY GOD, etc"  never really seeming to direct the comments to me, my driving, the asian woman, her jay walking, but rather just in awe of the situation in general.  I repeatedly asked the woman if she was alright through the passenger window, and she says, "yes, fine:" and nods and starts to walk towards the grocery store.  The drama queen puts his arm around her for a second.  There’s nothing more I can do.  She’s obviously startled, too foreign to communicate, or both.  I drive off accepting her "yes, fine." as closure.  should I have done more?