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4 April, 2008 (11:21) | Personal Update

What a week!  I’ve accepted a new position at work this week, which is a bit of a promotion.  I’ve got a whole new team to work with and they seem pretty awesome so far.  The work itself is going to be extremely challenging, as in…what they heck am i doing here??? challenging…but I’ll get the gist eventually, I hope.

Tonight is the show at the Robinson Clubhouse.  Take a look at the calendar for more details.  Should be a really good show from our side, but I’m having reservations about the venue’s intentions and organization skills.  Unreturned calls, poor planning, saying one thing and doing another, not sticking to the plans that were agreed on, etc.  It’s the first time they’re having a live band though, so that will count for something I think.  It will be nice to get this out and done with but we have Tuesday’s show right around the corner too.

Erik is doing well.  He just got a bicycle, so he’ll be getting around pretty easily.  He’s been very independent and adventurous, far beyond what I expected.  The best I can do is make myself available to him if he wants anything, but other than that, he’s just as independent as any other person I’ve lived with.

I’m going to a meeting at Carnegie Mellon on saturday with a friend to get introduced to their MBA program.  I’m not overly optimistic i’d ever get in, but it’d be awesome to say I’m going to CMU.  I have to take those gstat tests or whatever they’re called.  That, on top of any project managment certifications i’d want to take would be quite a lot of work load.


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  • jennieroth

    O HAI. Yay new job!

  • jennieroth

    O HAI. Yay new job!