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You’re my cyclops.

13 April, 2008 (20:11) | Thoughts & Ideas

Driving back home from DC today, and I got an idea for a cool phrase; Calling someone your cyclops.  You use it to describe someone of the opposite sex that you would definitely be in love with if only (insert reason here.  Here’s an example conversation:

You:  Yeah, me and Adrienne have always been the bestest friends, but we’ve just never had the inclination to seriously date.  She’s basically my cyclops.
Other Person:  Cyclops?  What does that mean.
You:  She’s the one-eyed love.  You know, like the one I’d love.
Other Person:  ZOMG, that’s beautiful.  You’re like a genius, Josh Hall.  Can I have 400 of your babies?

something like that anyway.  I think i’m going to write a song about it.  Going to head over to and set it up.  USE IT!  LET’S GET THIS PHRASE TO CATCH ON!