This is an open road song.

3 May, 2008 (22:08) | Dreams

So I had a dream last night where I rode my guitar case all the way from pittsburgh to my mom’s house.  The case had 4 wheels on the bottom of it and it stool vertically, and I sat where the handle would be.  I was just kicking off the ground for momentum.  The dream really lasted all the way home as I remember riding along 79, down through scenery hill, stopped at the national city in richeyville, and then to my mom’s house.  Everyone was so impressed that I did it, and I demonstrated how easy it was to just kick off the ground and coast for a bit.  It worked out to 3 hours to get all the way from pittsburgh, which is what I said in the dream, but now I’m realizing that would mean I was doing ~20 mph on a guitar case…that’s pretty fast.