Little Things

Isn’t it funny how things work out?

11 August, 2008 (13:30) | Little Things

New blog topic!  This category will be for the short posts where something particular made me smile.

Kallie and I flew from California to Philly Friday, and Saturday all my family was getting together, but I wasn’t planning on flying back until Sunday night.  I called my family while Kallie and I were in the car, and Deirdre thought that I was on my way there to surprise them.  After realizing how bad I wanted to be there, Kallie and I decided to make an impromptu road trip and got home around midnight.  Kallie and I get to spend an extra day with eachother since she’ll leave Tuesday morning, but the essence of this post was the text message i got from US Airways saying that I would have been stranded at the Philly airport until midnight Sunday since the flight was delayed more than an hour.  I love how perfect everything worked out.