12 September, 2008 (12:14) | Dreams

I had this dream monday night and I think I have something here…I was on some sort of luxury cruise or on a resort or something like that, and there was a gambling room.  There was this large table set up, very much like a roulette table, with a numbered wheel, a tall grid of numbers beside it, and then some other marked areas surrounding it.  An employee came to the table and announced that she would be starting a game of ‘Sapienza’ if anyone wanted to join in.  (if you’re not familiar with poker rooms, this is a common practice where a croupier announces the buy in and limit and anyone interested can go to that table)  Everyone seemed a little disappointed that it wasn’t a regular game of roulette, but I actually wasn’t too sure what the heck was going on.  Since no one expressed interest, I said that I’d play sapienza, but then I asked for clarification on what it was.  Then someone said that it was like "P", which was what they called normal roulette for some reason, but sapienza was a new game.

So then I woke up, with this visual of the table, but no idea how to play it.  It was a felt table, mostly tan colored with stripes of orange as a design pattern.  Then I thought, I should make this game.  The rules, strategies, and statistics have been running in my head ever since this dream.  I think I’m going to invent this game and try to market it to a casino.  I’m liking it, but I’m also designing it, so I’m a little biased.  I’m starting to organize my ideas and map out a course of development to concept to business proposal…I’m going to need some help eventually with this, but I think I have a new hobby.

BTW, I have no idea where sapienza came from.  Apparently it’s italian for ‘wisdom’.  I like it.