She’s buying a stairway to heaven

19 September, 2008 (09:55) | Pittsburgh

Over the summer, I was on the North Shore looking at Mt. Washington and I thought it’d be great to have a building that stretches from the top all the way down to carson street.  You could still put plants and stuff on the roof, but it’d be great to have another way to connect Grandview Avenue with the city below.  Some new business men want to do just that.  They’ll take Edge Restaurant, which has been closed for 20 years, and turn it into condos, a hotel, and spa.  The wow factor comes in with a staircase along the whole mountain side though.  That will be the landmark that sets pittsburgh apart from anywhere else.  I’m seeing it at a place for fitness events like the urbanathlon.  Swim down the allegheny, run from PNC Park to Station Square, then up the stairs.  It’ll take a while for sure, but they threw out 2011 for a date.