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3 December, 2008 (13:58) | Little Things

I’ve always complained about how I’m not made for this world and how they stop making things that I really appreciate like the certs mints, ice cream, etc.  Last week I went shopping for a wallet because my current one is falling apart.  My wallet is just about perfect, and I would say that here are the things that make it great:

  1. bifold
  2. a bill compartment divider (I like to have $20 and $10s on one side and $5 and $1s on the other)
  3. Driver’s license is clearly visible upon opening
  4. picture holder can be removed/discarded
  5. over all efficient use of space resulting in a thin wallet

This is what I have now.  Something that already exists.  You’d think I’d be able to find something at least equal, right?  Wrong.  I spent a good hour total looking at wallets and couldn’t find one that I liked.  I even bought one, returned it, and bought another.  Anyone who knows me knows that I believe returning items to be a cardinal sin in consumerism.  I ended up settling for one that has an additional flap for the drivers license, which takes up more space, but can still operate as a bifold.  Just because I feel like mentioning it, I used to have a wallet that had a little tab that you could feed a key into and flipping it out exposed the teeth so you could use it.  I LOVE that.  I love functionality.  Makes my wallet like a swiss army knife.

ANYWAY, the real bit of sunshine was when I was at Walmart, looking at batteries for Kallie’s remote car unlocker thing-a-ma-bob.  We’re in the watch section, and I just happen to glance over at a watch that meets my first few criterion on watches:

  1. Rectangular face
  2. No gold
  3. Classy and Artsy design
  4. digital display as well
  5. date, with days and months
  6. back lighting button

The watch I have now, and have had for about 5 years now does not have a digital display, back lighting, or months/days.  I searched high and low for a watch that met my standards, but found none, yet here one is for $18 at Walmart.  It’s a little large, and I’ll need to get the band adjusted before I can wear it, but we might have a winner here.  That makes me happy.