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What you gunna do with all that cup, all that cup?

10 June, 2009 (16:58) | Top 10

Reposted from my friend, Neil:

*Top ten things Pittsburghers should do to celebrate if the Pens win the
Stanley Cup*

10. Flip over Mellon Arena’s dome and put it on top of PPG Place to make the
biggest, shiniest Stanley Cup ever

9. Load people dressed in penguin costumes into Giant Eagle shopping carts
and roll them down the Hill towards Mellon Arena

8. Everyone wrap themselves in tin foil and run amuck in the city, like
thousands of legged Stanley Cups

7. Mail jock straps (cups) to every “Stanley” listed in the local phone book

6. Egg the house of every “Joe” and “Lewis” listed in the local phone book

5. Use the Cup to serve borscht soup in tribute to Geno’s mom

4. Use the Cup to serve vodka in tribute to Geno’s dad

3. Fill the Cup with urine, give it to Hossa, and tell him it’s IC Light

2. Change the name of “Australia” to “Crosby” so “Sidney Crosby” owns yet
another one of the Capitals

1. Buy foreign cars