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The kids are alright

3 January, 2010 (23:14) | Thoughts & Ideas

Watching J’aime’s kids the other day, gave me an idea.  I call it KidCom.  It’s a device, much like a watch, that your kids wear.

In it’s simplest form, it just has the time on it and you can set alarms on it that say things like "1 hours before Daddy gets home", or "it’s almost snack time".  It’s to help highlight and grow the anticipation for the important and happy moments in their days.

There are a few things you can do to extend the functionality.  A web interface or desktop application to record your own voice and have it say messages on certain times.  Or you can change settings remotely if you’re going to be late.

It could be integrated with a gps for locating your kids, or even some sort of 911/call home functionality for emergencies.  I think the simpler the better these days when it comes to technology…especially when it comes to kids…which makes me feel old…I’m going to go play with LEGO blocks now.