Wax Poetic

The Most Beautiful Words I Never Spoke

24 February, 2010 (14:40) | Wax Poetic

When the most beautiful words I never spoke,
Are at the tip of my tongue and then I choke
On the possibility that you might respond,
And then we’ll meet, and I’ll grow fond
Of the way your hair slowly covers your eye.
Or the way your hand gently brushes mine.
Or how the blood from my heart rushes
At every one of your sparking touches;
Forcing my eyes to shut and body stilled;
A quick deep breath and my lungs are filled.
I can’t move. The only thing moving is my mind,
And all the images of you that it can find;
Projected onto the back of my eyelids as a screen;
Debuting a movie that no one else has seen…
Or ever will, because once I regain sight,
And start to gaze at the most beautiful thing in my life,
The movie goes back into production inside my head.
But maybe I’ll get to catch a sneak peak as I sleep in my bed.
All this goes on in the matter of seconds.
And when it’s all over, my heart beckons
For another moment just like it.
A moment where my body won’t fight it.
How your touch invokes something so intangible.
So much beyond anything imaginable.
And all I can do is imagine us there,
At that same table, at that same restaurant,
At the same time, and our bodies in the same spot;
Your eyes focused on mine, and mine on yours.
And we stop time around us for what seems like hours.
Just you and I, continuing our lives without the world around us.
And we’ll continue talking about how love found us,
And put us together for the very first time.
How everything was easy as it just fell into line.
I never knew what I was looking for until I met you.
I never knew how to act until I watched what you do.
When you talk to people that you don’t know.
How they walk away after with a certain glow.
And as for me, I’m a lighthouse shining bright;
Protecting your shores from lost ships at night.
Letting them know that I am guarding your beaches.
And that tonight, land will be out their reaches.
They’ll have to set anchor in the ocean as blue,
As the eyes I’m staring at; the eyes of you.

This was a poem I wrote back in February of 2007 I was reminded of it when I watched this short film:

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.