stuck in the moment

11 May, 2010 (11:28) | Dreams

Probably very much to do about the pens loss last night to the montreal canadiens in game 6, I had a dream I was playing in the game.  I was the stand-by goalie, and we were down 3-4 in the second when I was put in to replace Fluery.  I was amazing.  So much so, that I deflected a shot so hard that it flew directly into the other goal to tie the game.  Yes, I’m that powerful.  Then, in the third period,  I was on offense.  For some reason, I was also frozen in the ice at the waist down, at about half-rink.  With about 3 seconds left in the game, I busted out of the ice and skated to the net, caught a pass and directed it right into the goal to win 5-4.  It was great, I was so shocked, people were so happy with me, but we all understood that it was just a fluke and that I’d go back to my normal life after the game.