I’ve got wheels of polished steel

7 July, 2010 (10:00) | Memories

here’s another memory of when I almost died, or at least, almost caused severe bodily damage to myself.  Twice.

I was changing the tires on my 92 ford taurus at my mom’s house one day.  I had it jacked up, and the wheel was off.  I was sitting down, with my legs out in front of me, and as I was reaching and rolling the new tire to me, a big gust of wind came, just enough to knock the car off balance from the jack.  The…circular part that the wheel connects to…went slamming to the ground and took a big chunk out of the driveway.  I think my feet were just barely in the wheel well area, safe and untouched.

Then, when I had my truck, I learned that just any tire on a truck won’t do.  I must have changed the tires on the truck a dozen times.  I want to say I had the truck fall twice…, but I only remember 1 time for certain.  I was changing the front passenger tire on Erin Street across from my house.  If you’re familiar with where I live, Erin street is at least a 30% grade hill.  Same thing as with the taurus, I nearly lost my feet.

Remember kids, always block off the opposite/diagonal tire from moving before you jack you’re car up.  It doesn’t hurt to block them all off either.  If you can, get to a flat surface as well.

this message brought to you in part by safe tire changers of america.