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beans, no longer the magical fruit

29 September, 2010 (12:00) | Geeked Out

Have you ever heard of the miracle fruit?  It is a plant that produces berries that make sour taste sweet.  The effect lasts for about 30 minutes, and you can eat a lemon and it will taste like lemonade.

Its use was discovered in the 18th century in West Africa.  In the 1970s, there was a push to have it become a food additive, but it ultimately failed.  Many point the fingers at the sugar industry, and even the government, since this would replace the need for artificial sweeteners and sugar in foods and drinks.

You are able to get it in pill form as a dietary supplement, but it’s not labeled a sweetener.  That said, you can get the plants to grow at home and tasting parties are becoming more and more popular.  There’s also a lot of new research going on for the applications to those with diabetes.

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