Took the midnight train going anywhere

28 October, 2010 (11:45) | Reviews

Kallie’s cousin, Julia, works at the Steppenwolf Theatre, and while we were in town, she hooked us up with tickets to see Detroit, by Lisa D’Amour.

First off, Kallie and I had never heard of the theatre, let alone the play.  Maybe it’s because we’re not from Chicago, or maybe it’s because we are uncultured neanderthals.  Either way, we were thoroughly entertained.  The set was beautiful and even the theatre itself told me that I’m in a place that’s taken seriously.  As I browse the program, I see that Gary Sinese and 2 friends started the company back in the 70s, and now there’s a ensemble of MANY familiar faces!  I was very impressed, to the point where I felt ashamed I didn’t know anything about this place before hand!  I would think a place with the caliber of it’s ensemble would be as well known as Second City (which we tried to get tickets for, but they were sold old 3 days out).

To the actual play, a cast of 4, most recognized by Laurie Metcalf (Jackie from Roseanne), Detroit is a play that tackles very modern american ideals and circumstances.  A long time married couple without children in the suburbs of Detroit struggle in their relationship while a younger, recently clean and sober, couple moves into the house next door.  There are some great laughs, but it also has a lot of deep meaning.  Something I’ve never heard of before, after the play, they have a discussion group with an assistant producer of the play.  They talk about the characters, how the definition of the American dream has changed, and what changes we saw in the characters.  It was awesome.  Kind of like a college class, with a bunch of old people in it. 🙂

It was a great play, a great place, and a great night.  Consider it RECOMMENDED.

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