Review of X-Men: First Class

11 June, 2011 (12:30) | Reviews


First off, as an action/super-hero movie, it has everything. It could have done a little more mutant fighting and special powers, but over all it was nice because it wasn’t over the top. Not much CGI (and the bits that exist are very well done) so it’s believable. No MAJOR plot holes, logic fails, etc and it was pretty engaging. There was a point that I thought it was getting a little long, but it cleaned it up nicely.

I have to admit though, this one is going to make the die hards a little upset. If you love the x-men franchise, meaning, know all the history from the comic books, be prepared to fork off your understanding of everything. Without giving too much of the movie away, it doesn’t stick to the historical context of the comics for magneto, charles (Professor Xavier), or a bunch of other characters.

The big realization that I had after the movie though was that the x-men franchise that I know and love is in danger! Professor X and Magneto are going to need to die here, and right quick. They’re old! The whole franchise is going to need a story arch and reinvent leadership. Maybe I’m just ignorant of the new comics, but since we’re given specific years, and the assumption that these certain mutants are also mortals, there needs to be a transition to new leadership, and eventually we need to run into the mutants and characters from the future, like sentinels (I LOVE SENTINELS!).

Anyway, it was nice not to see a movie blow it’s budget on big names and give a solid and entertaining story line.

5 feet out of 6.


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