Wax Poetic

thank you, thank you silence

28 July, 2011 (12:00) | Wax Poetic

Hello clouds, thanks for the weather

Hey raven, thanks for the feather

How do you do, tall, tall trees?

By the way, thanks for blocking the cold breeze


I want to thank you rain, for the seas.

And I thank you flowers, for making me sneeze

And dear mountains, how high you stand.

Thanks breaking up the boring flat land


And to the sun, thanks for rising

And to the thunder, thanks for surprising

And darkness, even though I sleep in you

You deserve thanks for setting the mood


My dear water, thanks for flowing

And all the grass in the fields, thanks for growing

And I thank all the animals that prowl

For every pounce, every attack, and every growl


And now that I have thanked all of you

For all you did, and all you do

I would hope you return the thanks to The Creator

Because He deserves thanks from someone greater.