Wax Poetic

Don’t Shun Me

23 September, 2011 (12:00) | Wax Poetic

I’m not looking for definition.

I’m just longing for recognition

That you define our position

In our relationship expedition.

But in addition,

Don’t be victim of attrition.

Use your heart and tool of erudition.

And do this in your own volition.

I can’t really speak for tradition

And I do not call myself a statistician,

But, given our story without omission

It would take no mathematician

To see our repeated emotional transmission

I care for you under any condition

And I try to write in such exhibition

But words can’t spell out my emotional emission

Because there’s no such thing as emotional definition

So, identify your inhibitions

And label any opposition

If they outweigh benefits of a relationship transition

Let’s begin remission

And agree on recission

So take my admonition

And if I satisfy that condition

Let us have the definition

And love another with ambition

Because I have no premonition

And I think we’d be a fine composition

And I’ll maintain a perfect disposition

Despite coalition or abolition.