Personal Update

Kallie in Cali – A lonely husband’s log – Day 6

26 December, 2011 (00:26) | Personal Update

Merry Christmas!

Still doesn’t quite feel like Christmas without cold temperatures and some snow or frost.  I think there are less public decorations than normal too.  I haven’t noticed many street lamp signs or flags or trees or lights.  Maybe I just need to get out more.

I got to sleep a bunch today.  I woke up in a good mood and ready to face the day.  Got a lot of smaller things crossed off my to-do list.

I headed down to J’aime’s for dinner with the local fam and Uncle Jay and Aunt Leslie too.  I didn’t get to see them too much because I was building a nice LEGO car with David.  He’s getting the hang of putting a set together, but he needs some help here and there.  I also watched Dan play video games for a bit, but he’s not very good and I don’t get a turn.  It’s kind of like a symbiotic relationship though, I get to watch and yell at him, and he gets to play and take the verbal abuse.  I think it works for us.

Kallie comes back late Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with Uncle Jay and Aunt Leslie again when she’s back.  I’m off work Thursday and Friday, so we should have some time to spend together too.

I’m off work tomorrow, hopfully the home depot employees are not.  I’d like to get some painting done before Kallie gets here.  I hoping to get that done tomorrow, and then reserve Tuesday night after work to cleaning up this disaster area the house is right now.