Don’t know when I’ll be back again, Oh baby, I hate to go

19 October, 2012 (12:00) | Ramblings

Why do they check babies at the airport? More practically, how do they reasonably justify their actions to check babies at the airport as worth while? What are they trying to prevent? What are they really able to prevent?

Think about it. A baby is stolen from a hospital or a family. doesn’t matter where. The first question asked is do you have any idea who the suspects are. If so, then you’re looking for the people, not the baby. If you have no idea who took the baby, what leads do you have?

photo ID checks don’t tell if you have a baby or not. COPIES of birth certificates can be pretty easily doctored or created.  I’m not even sure they check birth certificates.

I’m not saying don’t check.  I’m just asking, in reality, what are the checks actually capable of revealing?  What are the statistics around people being caught with a baby they stole at an airport versus people who get their airport security with a baby that is not theirs?