Sister I see you dancing on the stage of memory

25 October, 2012 (12:00) | Dreams

I had a weird dream that my 4 sisters, my mom, and I were all watching old slides with my step-grandfather (pap-pap) and grandmother.  We’re flipping through the slides and we get to one of people posing around a birthday cake on a table.  It’s from the early 80’s.  I don’t recognize anyone in the picture and ask who a certain man is.  Pap pap responded that it was my Uncle Charlie  (I have no Uncle Charlie).  I was confused, and asked how I was related to him.  Pap pap and my grandma looked at me perplexed, as if I should know already, but they said it was through my step sister.  I think her name was Amy.  They went on to explain that my dad had a daughter out of wedlock before he met my mom.  Uncle Charlie was really her mom’s brother.  I flipped out.  How can my sisters and my mom live knowing there is another sibling out there that we don’t talk to?  How come I was never told about her?  I think J’aime or my mom said they thought about telling Amy when my dad died, but they didn’t know how to get in touch with her.