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I hurt myself today

15 November, 2012 (12:00) | Poll the People

Do your have a compulsion to hurt yourself with the blender and food disposal in the sink?  Have you ever been driving and just thought “I’m going to jump out of my car now” or “I’m just going to turn a sharp right here and go off the cliff.”  How about the urge to poke yourself with a thumbtack?  In the eye?

I don’t trust myself around fish hooks.  I just know eventually I’m going to stick it in my eye.  Self fulfilling prophecy?

Do you have to fight the urge to hurt yourself?

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  • For me, it’s never quite “I’m going to…” but more like “What would happen if…” So, not quite as morbid as actual suicidal / self-mutilation thoughts…?

    Very interesting that all the poll responses thus far are in some form of the positive…