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Brick the Bridge – A small tribute to Knit the Bridge

12 September, 2013 (14:16) | LEGO© Creations

During the month of August, the Knit the Bridge project yarn bombed the Andy Warhol bridge in Pittsburgh.  I was in love with the project for many reasons.  First, I love the yarn bombing phenom.  My other favorite pittsburgh yarn bomb is the Mr. Roger’s cardigan.  Second, I loved the scale and ambition.  This was an awesome feat of project management to get the volunteers and local officials all on board with the vision and carry it all out on time without issues.  Kudos to the team.

Kallie had mentioned that I hadn’t built anything new in a while, so I was searching for some inspiration.  I was sorting through some parts and I came across the yellow 1x4x3 fence.  I had just walked by the yarned bridge and the inspiration hit me right away.  Scale was going to be a problem.  Of course, I wouldn’t realize that until I bough ~400 of those 1x4x3 fence parts…but that’s beside the point.  I had started this mini version just to get some techniques down in the mean time.  I had emailed Steel City LUG member, Julia, who had contributed a panel for the knit the bridge project, and she gave me a link to the details about how many panels there were.  She also suggested I have LUG members contribute panels to the bridge.  I loved that idea!  Once I had the structure complete, I started having friends and family put on pieces, with the intention of having the public contribute to a larger scale version with the 1x4x3 fence when the LUG displays at the Future Tenant Art Gallery, September  19 – 21st.  This is about the point I realized, if I were to do a minifig scale model of the bridge with a 1:1 panel ratio…it would end up being about 17 feet long.  DOH!  That’s not reasonable, certainly for something without a home.  So, I’m settling for this build.  Stop in at the gallery, and if there’s still space left, you’re welcome to add a panel!

Thanks for all the overwhelming appreciation for the model!  if you have the time, I’d love your help to have the Cathedral of Learning become an official LEGO set by voting for it on Cuusoo!


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